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" Experience the Exceptional "

"Your Day, Done Your Way"

       Innovative Blends is not your typical song and dance DJ service. When it comes to your event, (whether it be a school dance, corporate event, party, or wedding reception) you have to admit the right music Makes or Breaks the party.

        We have been to a wedding where a groomsman didn't show due to a stomach virus. A father of a bride missed a flight. Foul weather has destroyed some outdoor weddings. The thing about all of these situations is the show must go on and your guests will soon forget all of this. The one thing they will not forget is coming to your event and not having a good time.

       This is where we come in. We take the "not having a good or even great time" factor right out of the equation. There are no do-overs on a wedding reception.

You do it one time and you want it done right. Your son's 13th birthday party or daughters sweet 16th, you want to hire a DJ an invite all their friends for what? TO SHOW THEM A GOOD TIME! With Innovative Blends, your guests will find themselves drawn to the dance floor. We want to get everyone up and involved young and old. We want your family and friends telling you what a great time they had at your event, cause that is going to make you feel great. That is what will verify that you went with the right service.

        On average, we play about 15-20 songs per hour. A six-hour reception will be a little less due to introductions, announcing of important dances, photo opportunities (the cutting of the cake), the garter and bouquet toss. Make sure to put together a list of your favorite songs, or the must-plays, this way we are sure to play them, and you can leave the rest of the party to us. You can have as much control or as little control over the music as you want. After all, it is your event.

        Please remember when it comes to looking for a DJ Service, don't sacrifice quality for quantity. The cheapest service sometimes that is just what you get. We are not the most expensive, but we aren't the least expensive either. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our service on our contact page.

       Thank you for your interest in Innovative Blends DJ Service.